My main area of research is Control Systems. I am particularly interested in the theoretical foundations behind practical issues in modern control implementations. This encompasses the formal study of digital, networked and embedded control systems.

My research can be divided mainly in two lines: 

1) Networked Control Systems: in particular distributed implementations of event-triggered controllers and their applications in Control over Wireless Sensor/Actuator Networks; 

2) Symbolic methods for control: through the application of  techniques from formal verification and the notion of approximate simulation relations, with a focus on their application to Correct-by-design synthesis of embedded control software. See also the Pessoa Toolbox (Software).

I apply my research in the fields of Robotics, and Large-Scale Systems.

More details can be found in my Publications.
I am currently involved in three research initiatives:

DAVI: Dutch Automated Vehicle Initiative
The Green Village
TU Delft CyberZoo

And the following research projects:

Innovations on testsite RWS RIJSWIJK (RVB) (in Dutch)
AMBI (FP7-Marie Curie)